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about communideed

We leverage assets to "buy" space.

Learning from community-based organizations to assess and meet community needs and to build structures and partnerships that will provide lasting autonomy and power, noting and holding that land is not truly something that can or should be owned, and yet that space is necessary for growth and stability. Thus, space here is meant broadly: houses, yes, but also the land under a trailer, an entire apartment building. The possibilities are endless, and are scaleable to your community.

We support, facilitate, and empower.

Working alongside communities to develope systems and structures that meet the community's vision for itself.

The community holds the equity.

The community will have discretion to decide how to reinvest the equity it has acquired; and CommuniDeed steps away to whatever role the community prefers.

The Streets

Noting simply that this is one image of what a "space" or "land" could mean, but we urge you to think creatively and out-of-the-box. We can meet you where you are.

Women Holding Hands
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Who? How? When?

***good questions. integrideed and communideed will formally launch in mid-July of 2021. This site is still under construction and will undergo changes as the team develops.***


UPDATE - June 28, 2021: CommuniDeed Columbus is forming. Please reach out to assist. Separate site coming soon - web developers welcome and encouraged to contact us.


integrideed is a nonprofit organization with a mission to end the exploitation of humans, communities, and the planet by reclaiming capitalism by repurposing the tools, training and various privileges ("resources") vested in us by re-investing those resources directly into local communities to empower communities of integrity.

integrideed's housing program has as its first project: communideed, which reverses the systemic exploitation of individuals and communities by facilitating neighborhood development and restoring home equity to the community. communideed will operate in three phases, purposefully transitioning into community control of equity and supporting community change, as envisioned and led by the community. one of the communideed's team's first tasks will be creating an antiracist and empowering process by which to determine a first location, which must include listening and dialogue with stakeholders- particularly empowering community members to take lead positions. as the neighborhood partnership is created, communideed expects the transfer of equity will proceed in three phases:

  • Phase 1: learning neighborhood assets, resources, and needs; building relationships with families and community organizations (spiritual, creative, and financial); developing initial governing agreements and training programs for hard and soft skills.  [6 months]

  • Phase 2: facilitate transition of project management and governance to local community board; provide resources to reassess community needs [2 months]

  • Phase 3: advise if requested by the community board [1-2 months]

communideed aims to reinvest equity into communities and purposefully move financial and political power from the CommuniDeed Board to the community board, thus financially and politically empowering communities, for the long-term.

Why CommuniDeed

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Ghandi


What is CommuniDeed?

CommuniDeed is a scalable model of social change, applied here to solve systemic capitalistic exploitation of communities in the housing industry, especially creative communities and communities of color.


Some context for later:

  • on gentrification in the U.S. as a part of global megacapitalism: How to Kill a City by Peter Moscowitz 

  • on the impact traditional gentrification has on Black and Brown lives: Evicted by Matthew Desmond

  • for information about what is happening now, on the ground: note the work being done by the Eviction Lab at Princeton University to track evictions/ gentrification and . . .

Some context for now: 

I have a personal legal and philosophical socio-political analysis on this issue due to the critical race theory and feminist perspectives in my social justice and legal training, and due to my work on-the-ground at the forefront of the Right to Counsel movement when it first opened in 2017 in New York City. (That's the movement being referred to as the Civil Gideon, providing free attorneys to anyone facing eviction, due to NYC's recognition that housing is a right in a just society.) This will all be addressed soon enough, so stay tuned.

What problem is CommuniDeed intending to solve?

Structural inequality in housing equity. In short: you need money to get housing, and you need money to make money, and you can't get money if you're already poor or if your people have had a history of being exploited without reparations, and thus you can't get housing. Even, in the rare circumstances in which someone is fortunate enough to make enough money to buy a house, our racist system means the equity in that person's house directly corresponds to that person's race [see an Indiana story as covered by Indy Star and Black Enterprise, see also examples from California and Florida]. This also ties into deeper histories in the U.S., including red-lining and predatory mortgages and steering practices [all horrifyingly captured in the Netflix show "Them" which please note has a terrible, terrible triggering episode].

A traditional capitalist model of neighborhood redevelopment results in, and in fact, intends and encourages gentrification,* leading to the destruction of communities and histories, as well as losing an opportunity for community members to reallocute wealth, make reparations, or allow for community-led movements and mutual aid.


However, CommuniDeed suggests a simple solution - a brave solution - but ultimately, a simple one: just act with integrity at each stage of every part of every process and then => don't steal the equity <=


The structural change suggested here is to empower community members to capture the true value* that we bring, as humans, with creativity and resourcefulness and love, into a community. Human expression - creativity - integrity should be the true determiner of wealth and value. If we intend to maintain a capitalist system, there is no other way but to redefine value and money and investment. We should be rewarding good deeds done daily, not exploitation.

  It's simple: instead of stealing equity from the people in a community, we instead support and empower communities to do the deed of gentrification themselves.  

CommuniDeed is a simple experiment: reinvest the deeds and equity from a community directly back into that community for local community control and use, empowering individuals and communities to be the change and hold local power. It's difficult to conceptualize because it hasn't been attempted at scale before, and any successess would have resulted in autonomous communities or communes away from the capitalist structure. But, remember:


Because of the differences in each community, there is no one-size fits all approach to this issue - instead, CommuniDeed offers a structural process and model, that if implemented with antiracist, anticolonialist, antisexist, antiablist, antiheteronormative, an anti-etc-etc-etc approach, can finally lead to lasting social change. To address all these ism's and etc's, we need diverse and purposeful teams from the communities themselves to lead the change for their own local team. And for that to happen, we need to be ready to provide all of the resources and assets that we have stolen, and guarded, and are gatekeeping, and instead release these tools to the community members themselves. CommuniDeed posits that with training and support and a transfer of knowledge and resources, communities can gentrify* themselves into whatever it is that they imagine is the best version of their own values - united around the idea of integrity, a common human goal. If you must have a concrete picture of this outcome, see e.g. Woman on the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy. 

NOTE: This is a working plan and proposal - everything is OPEN TO FEEDBACK and the intent is to be transparent but also to move forward while problem-solving so please contact us/ connect above or reach out to or contact any of their sad looking social media accounts. ;) P.S. Zel is once again asking for your help in fixing that social media presence issue. :) :) :)


CommuniDeed offers a vision and a clear process for moving purposefully towards that vision.

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