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Pipelines to Power Program

We Need You.

Excited by what you see? Be a part of it. 

Apply now for our first Pipelines to Power Program.

Seeking whole humans who can "see" other humans as whole humans.


  1.  A share of the money and resources and connections, aka "assets" available. Limited funding is currently available at $1,000.00 per month of service through August 31, 2021, to be distributed according to need, as the group determines. You'll have a say in your specific title and will help shape the Program as it applies to you, and to others after you, so as to allow this opportunity to be meaningful and empowering to You.

  2. Training and exploration of social justice movements - a path forward that allows you to explore and move purposefully and with integrity, into the next stage of your life.

  3. An opportunity to build your portfolio, start something, be something, do something (and to fail, and to learn from that, as friends, and to be empowered to do it even better next time!).  


Don't be afraid. Don't hesitate. Apply now.

A note on accessibility and requirements: Due to the importance of technology in building and maintaining connections during a global pandemic, and the necessity of connections to building and maintaining social justice, access to a device that allows you to connect to the internet is an essential requirement of this program. I recognize this is a significant barrier that needs to be overcome, and a hurdle that many of you will need to jump through. I apologize for that. We can only do what we can do while we wait for that industry change to happen. In the meantime, applicants - please reach out in any way you can and note the need for assistance in accessing us - we can help problem-solve if you can get connected to us in any way, and again I apologize for this shameful barrier.


At integrideed, we walk the walk: thus the application process is simple and flexible. Apply, in any format you choose, in response to this prompt: Who are you, as a human? Consider these guiding  questions: What is your story and purpose in life? What drives you? What do you draw strength from? What is a success story that you were involved in and what role did you play in that success, if any, and what did you learn from that?  Materials can be submitted to 

At of today - we have need for people who are called to: tech/social media/marketing (self-starters who share the same politics as integrideed and can run wild with the social media and website management and creation); strategists from any industry or training (entrepenurial spirits who can think at systems level, whether self-taught or otherwise, and help us move forward to start and scale this project); community organizers (You who see change is needed and have an idea of where, but not how - let us empower you!).

Join us - apply.

Another note on accessibility: If the application you choose is not in a format that can be sent by email, please email with what you need in order to be able to communicate your application in a way that is true to You.  If you choose to send a traditional application (e.g. cover letter and resume and writing sample/ work product), please do not overly agonize over any aspect - a 3-10 page work product is fine - what matters is showing your ability to think and reason and feel, beyond the confines of the application. Applicants who are rejected will be told why, and will be given opportunities to respond, if they so choose.



The Selection Process:

Note the process may change as more team members board, however, the process now is this:

  • we are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis, though note that funding is limited and the funds may need to be redistributed between multiple applicants on a basis of need or other basis the team (including you) so choose - if there are funding issues, this will be discussed transparently with the group, and the decision reached with you as a stakeholder in the process and outcome. urgency, compassion, and flexibility is required at all stages. 

  • after you apply, you should hear from us within 3 business days with an invitation to interview or a denial - if the latter, you will be invited to respond and we can determine next steps together. if you hear nothing - something went wrong, please reach out with compassion.

  • if the initial interview suggests we're a good fit, you'll be invited to connect with other team members and stakeholders. and a final decision will be made jointly with you.

This process should take 3-7 business days from application. Please move with urgency. Funding will be constantly re-examined and is subject to change, but any changes will strive to be made transparently and with input.

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